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Gears 2 Multiplayer Blowout

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The guys at 1UP – along with other big (Ed: are you implying we ain’t big?) gaming sites – got to preview Gears of War 2’s multi-player. After taking a jab at Cliff Blezinski and Epic’s “Bigger, better and more bad-ass” played out motif, they confirm that it is indeed, to an extent, all of the above.

More noteworthy nuggets from the article include:

“A lot of new gameplay changes not only make a visceral game even more visceral (thus the “badder” part of the equation here), but they just plain make sense, too.” and

“Some weapons now have “stopping power,” which the developers put in specifically to stop the silly antics Gears 1 players have resorted to”.

Check it out. A nice read if you’re a fan of the series (hey, it’s a nice read even if you are not). Oh, they have the first multi-player videos up, too!

1UP Previews Gears of War 2

Last Updated: June 26, 2008

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