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Gears of War – Annex Details

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I can think of no better way to mark my 100th Xbox 360 post than with a write up about the most anticipated patch update to hit the Xbox Live! network since the 360 was released.

In the very near future Epic will be releasing this update that will fix a few bugs that I don’t care about and add a new game type to Gears of War that I really care about.

My biggest problem with Gears has always been that there was no option to respawn and if you where starting out and playing against some of the better guys you lasted about 30 seconds and then sat back and watched everyone have fun until the next round.

Now with Annex that is all over. What is Annex? King of the Hill GOW style. You get unlimited lives, 15 second respawn time and you need to control certain rings over the map.

You earn points while you have a ring controlled (1 point per second), if all 4 of you get into the ring it will take 1 second to take control of the ring, 3 people 2 seconds, 2 people 4 seconds and if you are trying to go it alone 8 seconds.

I can’t wait for this patch update to hit Live!…. The only question I still have is will the achievements still be applicable in this? I have a much better chance of ever getting 100 kills if I can respawn….

Last Updated: April 5, 2007

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