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Genji’s glowing katana and signature shurikens have been replicated beautifully by Man at Arms

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Genji sword

“Ryujin no ken wo kurae!”

Genji is not your standard sort of ninja. No, you see, he and his brother had somewhat of a tiff over the family business one day, which left our young Shimada brother at death’s door. His injuries were so severe, that the only way he could be kept alive was through an extensive process of cyberization, which Overwatch were only too happy to provide (for a price of course).

Once healed, Genji set out to dismantle his family’s criminal empire. Naturally, a standard set of weapons just wouldn’t fit with his new cyborg look. What he needed was something traditional, yet futuristic. Thus, the glowing green Dragonblade and matching shurikens were born.

Ok, I made up that last bit – I don’t actually know where Genji got hold of his weapons (I do think the Overwatch animated short, Dragons, holds a clue or two however). There’s no denying that they’re awfully advanced though, and that they match his suit quite well thanks to their green glows.

Could such futuristic weapons be replicated in real life? According to Man at Arm’s latest video, yes (via PC Gamer). The team went about recreating Genji’s arsenal, and they did a damn fine job! Check it out:

That green glow on the katana? It’s not the power of the Shimada clan apparently. All it is, is a series of carefully placed LEDs. Who knew? Next time Genji yells his signature Dragonblade line, I won’t be nearly as scared! He doesn’t have ancient magic powering his sharp blade after all – it’s just simple light trickery.

What I really liked about this video is that it showed that Man at Arms, a burly team of blacksmiths who build weapons all day, find the time to play Overwatch themselves too. Watch closely, and you’ll see an Easter egg or three, and even some cosplay!

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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