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Get a year of PlayStation Plus for just R365

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As I’ve said before, PlayStation Plus, the paid-for bolt-on to the PSN’s free membership is worth every single cent. It not only takes away the frustration of PS3 updates by allowing you to schedule them, but also adds cloud services and thousands of Rands worth of free games. Act fast, and you can get PlayStation Plus for just R1 a day.

As part of the clearance sale at BT Games that we spoke about yesterday, they’re selling a year’s worth of Playstation Plus for just R365 – down from the R489 it costs on PSN at the moment.

Honestly, PS + pays for itself in no time, and is all the better if you happen to own a PlayStation vita as well. 

Here’s what you get, according to Sony’s over-enthusiastic copywriters:

  • Over 65 games per year available on PlayStation®3 AND PlayStation®Vita! 14 amazing games available right now on PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita and at least 51 more over the course of a year – keep all the games you download as long as you remain subscribed to PlayStation Plus
  • Exclusive discounts! Loads of savings on PlayStation®Store content.
  • Premium avatars and dynamic themes! All at no extra charge.
  • Special treatment! Enjoy early access to selected games, demos and Beta trials
  • Automatic updates! Keep up-to-date with auto trophy synch, as well as new system and game updates
  • Online storage! Store 1 GB of PlayStation®3 game saves AND 1GB of PlayStation®Vita game saves online

And remember, PS Plus subscriptions stack, so even if you already subscribe you can bolt on a few more years.

Want it? Head on over to BTGames, where you can see the rest of their stock clearance as well.

Last Updated: January 25, 2013

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