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Get Into the Breach for free right now on The Epic Games Store

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With Xmas around the corner, the Epic Games Store is feeling especially festive as they kick off their biggest reason yet to setup an account on that digital distribution front. Twelve days! Twelve games! Each one free! Not a bad deal at all I reckon. The first such game which’ll be up for grabs is one that serves as answer to a question that has dogged mankind for eons: Pacific Rim but what if it was chess?

The answer is of course, Into the Breach. From FTL developer Subset Games, Into the Breach is damn good stuff. It looks simple to play, but the freedom to take your time and deploy mechs against an emerging Vek menace is anything but carefree as you reach the later part of the game. Casualties are all too real, sacrifices have to be made and a strategy needs to be employed as you race to save the day.

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All this, on an 8×8 grid over the course of five turns and with some of the most picturesque 8bit visuals you’ve ever seen. Stunning stuff, that deserves a whole lot of love as Led Zeppelin would say. You’ve got until 6PM CAT to grab it, before you need to throw some coin at Subset for their marvellous game once again and the next deal on the Epic Games Store goes live. At a usual retail rate of $6.99, it’s still a steal that’ll gobble up plenty of hours mind you.

And really, I can’t sing the praises of Into the Breach enough. This polished masterpiece of strategy that has you distorting the battlefield to your advantage, sometimes sacrificing a mech so that you can get a perfect score and hitting the reset button when your tactics eventually end up dooming all of mankind.

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All this, and the EGS even has a neat coupon running right now: $10 off of any game priced at $14.99 or higher. The kicker here is that if you use that coupon on any game in the sale section, you’ll get another coupon to use on another game and on and on it goes. Lovely. The Epic Games Store sale runs until January 1, with the coupons being valid until May.

Last Updated: December 20, 2019

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