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Next to video games, comics, cosplay and women with German accents, there’s one other love in my life. And that’s motorcycles. I’ve got an Animal Farm mantra when it comes to transportation, because four wheels may be good but two wheels are better. Thing is, we very rarely see proper motorcycle games released, with that vehicle being part of a niche genre. Well it looks like you’ll have to don your finest leathers, because a new motorcycle sim game is finally in the works.

Currently under development by Moto GP studio Milestone Entertainment, Ride will be an in-house IP published by Bandai Namco. It’ll also hopefully be better than previous Milestone racing games such as WRC and the aforementioned Moto GP. You can call me a dreamer I guess.

“With RIDE, Milestone has captured the quintessential motorcycle racing experience, with a huge selection of bikes, tracks and customization,” said Bandai Namco USA Senior VP of sales and marketing Chris Gilbert in a press release which I’ve just copied and pasted from.

With so much content, coupled with true-to-life racing simulation, motorcycle fans will finally have the next-gen racer they’ve been waiting for, and gamers of all stripes can experience the adrenaline rush of the redline.

The game is promising 100 bikes that range from modern day superbikes, supersport bikes, naked bonies and more classical speedsters alongside an “extensive” array of rider and bike customisation options. It’s scheduled for a Northern hemisphere spring release next year on old and current-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC. Bike brands revealed so far are KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Ducati, with another ten to still be announced.

Ride 2

Personally, I’m hoping for a game that has captured the other quintessential aspects of motorcycle riding, such as balancing a middle-aged paunch on the fuel tank, dealing with claims that you’re having a mid-life crisis based on your decision to purchase 1500cc of pure two-wheeled power and struggling to fit into your riding leathers. Oh, and a game mode wherein VW Golf owners immediately see red and activate their go-faster stripes in order to overtake you for who knows what reason.

I want to give Milestone the benefit of the doubt here with this game. The thing is, their WRC and Moto GP games aren’t bad. They aren’t exactly good either, and are more middle of the road gameplay experiences – and the problem with the middle of the road is you’re bound to be hit by a truck.

Last Updated: December 5, 2014

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