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Get the rarest legendary Pokémon with this easy hack

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I’m almost done collecting Pokémon. Just a few dozen more of the pocket monster bastards to go, and I’ll have completed my Pokedex. I’ve detailed before how I’ve gone deep into the game, in order to fill my collection up with over 700 of the iconic monsters. I’ve made friends, surfed Reddit for kind souls and luck has certainly played a part. Or I could have just taken the easy route, and used a game exploit.

As Reddit user Frocharocha revealed (via Kotaku), there’s now a painfully easy way to unlock some of the rarest of Pokemon for your collection. I’m talking guys like Arceus, Keldeo and Genesect. Pokémon which are normally reserved for events. All you have to do, is make certain that the first slot in your Pokémon box 1 is open, remain standing in front of a PC and then hit the home button.


From there, go to the 3DS camera (Hitting the shoulder buttons at the same time is the quickest way here), activate the QR scanner and scan in a QR code. You’ll get an error message, but it’s nothing to fret about. Simply exit the camera app, resume your game and check your PC.

And voila, you’ll have a rare new Pokémon. Easy as that. The only caveat here however, is that this will only work on the older Nintendo 3DS consoles. New Nintendo 3DS owners, are completely out of luck. I tested the system out this morning, and it works just fine. No save game crashes, just rare new Pokémon. I’ve already gotten all of these guys, so I’m going to do something unheard of, and be nice for once.


Prepare for a few surprising wonder trades, less-well-off Pokémon trainers. Remember, hacks can take the fun out of a game. But they can also help those of us who can’t attend big events that Nintendo holds regularly, to obtain these Pokémon. So it’s a grey area. If you want to get some of these Pokémon via this method, then you can generate your own codes here, check out this Google Doc for a list or hit this dedicated sub-reddit.

Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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