Get up to speed with The Witcher before its sequel hits your Xbox

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The tale of the white-haired, freaky-eyed monster-hunter Geralt hits consoles – more specifically the Xbox 360 – for the first time, later this month. It’s the sequel to the first game – so many of you might be put off by jumping in to a story in the middle. I’m here to assure you, RPG fans that while it is nicer knowing the details that come before the second game, they’re mostly not necessary.

If, however, you do want to catch up so you can experience one of this generation’s finest RPGs – certainly one of my favourites from last year – you could spend the next few hours reading all the pertinent Wiki entries; or you could just watch this lovely little video that details everything about the story that you need to know. Of course, it’s a little spoilerish if you do plan on playing the first game before the Witcher 2: Enhanced edition graces Xboxes on April 17.

For the rest of you? Enjoy!

Last Updated: April 4, 2012

Geoffrey Tim

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