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Get your friends addicted to Diablo III with a guest pass to the starter edition

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Tonight (well, it’ll technically be tomorrow morning) finally sees the launch of Diablo III – the long awaited sequel in Blizzard’s hellbound clikcfest lootathon. People have been waiting over a decade to listen once more to Deckard Cain and vanquish evil. It’s one of the biggest game launches in recent history.

Still, some people just aren’t excited. Here’s how you can change that.

Every copy of Diablo III will include a number of guest passes which you can share with friends, giving them access to the game. Here’s the kicker though; it’ll grant them access to the Starter Edition; a trial of the game that includes the entirety of Act 1 until the Skeleton King encounter. The Starter Edition will have a lowly level 13 cap, prevent access to the auction house and restrict matchmaking to other players with the gimped edition.

Sure, it’s little more than a glorified demo, but this tack of restricting access to it for a while gives it an air of exclusivity – and could just get people addicted to looting long enough to buy the full game. A month after launch the Starter Edition will open to all and sundry.

Remember – there are a ton of midnight launches happening tonight. If you happen to head to one at BT Games, make sure you leave with your Lazygamer.net raffle ticket. 

Thanks, Battle.net

Last Updated: May 14, 2012

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