Get Your Very Own Life-Sized Fallout 3 Statue

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fallout-statue If you’ve ever dreamed of having a Brotherhood of Steel soldier watching over you at night, then you may be interested in one of the newer items to hit the online auction house at Sam’s Club. Right now, bidding is open for a life-sized statue of a member of the Wasteland’s most notorious faction — one of dozens Bethesda had made used to promote Fallout 3.

As you can see, he comes fully equipped with the Brotherhood’s signature power armor and helmet, as well as a laser rifle, effectively making the statue probably the coolest piece of Fallout 3 “schwag” available to the public. Of course, something this fancy won’t come cheap. Bidding at this time has reached $300, which is twice what it was before, and there’s still almost two weeks left for fans to bid on it.

Iv’ e seen some awesome things, but to have one of these in my living room next to the TV well that would be just downright awesome. Dunno what the girlfriend would think but with something so cool, who cares!

Last Updated: October 30, 2008

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