Get your XBox 360 to play m4v files..

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OK so everyone’s been raving about how the fall update has added divx playback to the 360 which is all good and well but then there’s the folks out there that use iTunes.

Apparently, when you download/subscribe to vidcasts through iTunes, some of them are in mp4 format (the extension is actually m4v). OK, enough of this boring stuff, how do you get these files to work with your 360? Easy: just change the extension to .avi. 😀 I only use iTunes for audio podcasts so I can’t say I’ve tested this but hey, if you’ve got vidcasts lying around that you want to stream to your Xbox, try it.

Source: Random Nothings Blog

Last Updated: December 9, 2007

  • Ahh… Worked perfectly for the iPhone SDK development videos that you can download from This way, I can watch the videos and work in the SDK without having to switch back and forth. Thanks a bunch!

    Daniel Costaliss last blog post..Entrecard reciprocal dropping speed tips

  • Clint

    This worked like a charm. Just rename your file from .m4v to .avi and presto. Thank you so much!!!! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

  • I’ve tried this with the brand new update (today) and did not work. it recognized it, but said that there was no supported codec.

  • Faggot

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  • Ruben Rodriguez II

    Yeah this didn’t work for me. I think I may have a different problem though. Some mV4’s work two or three and then the others don’t. The xbox sees them it just says it can’t play them

  • sfdfs

    wow ,great tutorial. if you want to convert itunes m4v video to your your xbox, m4v converter is the right tool for you.

  • Poop

    unbelievable. who would have thought it was that easy

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