GH3: Dragonforce 100% Expert: Believe it

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Get ready to have your jaw hit the floor. The impossible has been achieved. A guy whos name is only currently known byt his Youtube account, iamchris4life has posted a video of himself finishing the Dragonforce song “Through The Fire and The Flames” on expert with a 100% completion rate.

He must have been at this for a while and probably nearly talked himself into believing that it was an impossible goal because once he is done he picks up the camera to show the stats, but is shaking like crazy and can’t stop saying “Holy Sh*t” to himself. .

For anyone who notices that the speed in the game seems a bit strange, he apparently had a mode called “Hyperspeed” which spreads the notes further apart with the downside being that you can’t see as many notes ahead. (Someone can correct me if there is more to it). However, it is apparently accepted by Score Hero as an acceptable way to play and is therefore seen as a completely legit 100% rating.

Great Job “iamchris4life”, that was truly impressive.

source: X3F

Last Updated: June 9, 2008

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