Ghostbuster's Debut Multiplayer Trailer

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This debut trailer for Ghostbusters Multiplayer mode may come as a bit of a kick in the pants to any of you readers out there who don’t own a PS3. This after Sony bought the rights to the game and made it a timed exclusive for their consoles only.

The video shows off a lot of flashy beams of light as well as a few different weapons and enemies, but it still begs the question, is it going to be any good. There has been so much hype built up over the fate of the game and now the purchase by Sony, that many people forget that this is still a game based on a movie license, and those usually don’t go down all too well.

Although I won’t make any assumptions of the games worth off of the license alone, the gameplay does look fun but there is no clear indication of if the game is going to be any good as a whole.

I am looking forward to finding out, because like millions of other people, I am a huge fan of the Ghostbusters movies, so hopefully we will find ourselves pleasantly surprised when the game releases on June 16.

Last Updated: May 14, 2009

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