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Gizmodo makes a booboo…. PS3 can play XviD

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Gizmodo has been testing the newly implemented DivX playback ability of the PS3 and has found some good and some not so good features…..

The Good

The PlayStation 3 2.10 update is here, bringing with it not only Blu-ray Profile 1.1 support (which adds picture in picture among other things), but DivX and WMV playback as well.

Which is all good and well since it can now do what the 360 and HD-DVD players can do….

The Bad

Unfortunately, DivX support means DivX support, and doesn’t include XviD as some of us hoped. We threw our normal battery of files at our PS3, and came to the conclusion that it’s not quite as good as the Xbox 360 implementation.

….. Queue the internet going mad since he said the 360 is better than the PS3…. And it seems he was wrong anyway, the article has now been edited and virtually all of it has been struck through.

It appears that the PS3 does in fact play XviD and making such a monumental mistake has thrown the entire article down the toilet….

Here is the full article: Gizmodo

[Thanks to Boswald and Doobiwan for information]

Last Updated: December 18, 2007

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  1. sabagamma

    December 18, 2007 at 17:47

    In fairness to the Gizmodo people they have updated their article to say that some users can play Xvid and others can’t. They also say that they cannot play their Xvid files. So either they think something is Xvid when it isn’t or the PS3 has a few incompatibilities with the Xvid codec.


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