I should go see a doctor about these new One Piece: Burning Blood screens

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One Piece Burning Blood (43)

I once dreamt of becoming the Pirate King. After downloading entire gigabytes of illegally-obtained movies, series and pornography that should have never been produced, I realised that I may have gone about this quest the wrong way. One year later, and not only was I hated by most of Somalia and banned from international waters, but I was still no closer to my dream.

Stupid anime, ruining my hopes and ambitions. Anyway, these days I have to settle for the digital equivalent of ruling the high seas despite being severely mentally challenged and more rubbery than an entire cast of The Housewives of INSERT CITY HERE. One Piece is the name of the brand, and Burning Blood is the name of the next game in the series of oceanic shenanigans starring Devil-Fruit powered buccaneers.

Due out in Japan in April (and the rest of the world probably later) One Piece: Burning Blood has players assuming the role of one of several pirates doing…stuff. Look, it’s all massively confusing and Geoff has to edit this. It’s Monday, and we need him alive and away from the sharp silverware. Jump magazine has confirmed that fan favourite characters Boa Hancock, Nico Robin, Nami and Perona will be joining the cast of One Piece: Burning Blood. Here’s a ton of screenshots of them in action, to gawk over:

Boa Hancock’s fighting style in the brawler has been described as long-range attacks combined with her petrify ability and Haki skills to beat up on Logia-class enemies. Nami can place traps on the battlefield and use lightning to finish off her enemies while Robin specialises in grappling moves thanks to her Hana-Hana fruit powers (Editors note: OH SOMEBODY KILL ME PLEASE!).

Perona, the weird goth girl with pink hair, gets to inflict damage with her summoned ghost hollows and debuff ability gauges as well. It’s looking good, and I’ve got a genuine soft spot for One Piece games, on account of them being absolutely bonkers and visually mental. One Piece. It’s the cheapest drug there is.

Last Updated: January 25, 2016

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