God of War’s difficulty options range from easy to absolutely mad

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Much like a blonde girl who happens to enjoy pilfering porridge from a family of bears, finding the right difficulty setting in any game often comes down to the challenge being either too hot or too cold before you find the setting that’s just right. On the one hand, you want a game to be enjoyable while offering hurdles that can be jumped over if a certain amount of skill is applied.

On the other hand, setting the difficulty too high is an exercise in frustration. Which is why Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden games are usually the leading cause for controller shaped holes in flatscreen TVs. God of War is looking to fine-tune that balance when it arrives later this month, offering its players a quartet of difficulty modes from which they can choose from.

According to GameSpot, here’s what the game will offer potential god-slayers:

Give Me A Story

A forgiving experience, that’ll give Kratos more time to focus on the adventure ahead as he cuts through enemies without breaking too much of a sweat.

Give Me A Balanced Experience

More balanced than a tightrope walker. A moderate challenge, while still giving players ample time to focus on the story.

Give Me A Challenge

Make a wrong move, and you’ll pay for it. According to GameSpot, this mode will suit action game aficionados perfectly.

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Give Me God of War

Dude are you mad. God of War’s toughest challenge doesn’t just tweak enemies to have attacks that’ll make you bend a knee from just one of them, it makes them smarter and their placement on a map more devious.

Here’s the real kicker: Once you choose your difficulty setting, that’s it. You’re locked into it for the rest of the game and if you happen to find the action too challenging, then you’re going to need to start anew. Get better or die trying. Again and again and again. Maybe they should name this game Git Gud at War hahahahahaNO WAIT I’M SORRY DON’T AXE MEEEEEEE!

Last Updated: April 11, 2018

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