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GOG relaunches, expect more indie and mainstream games

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There are plenty of great digital distribution sites on the net right now, such as Steam and Gamers Gate, but one of my personal favourites will always be Good Ol’ Games, or GOG as they’re more widely known as.

GOG has always been that site to visit when you’re in the mood for some classic games, titles which will take you on a nostalgic road trip. They recently relaunched their site today, with more titles than ever before, as well as quite a few more mainstream games for players seeking something more contemporary.

The site has been promising a bigger, newer and fresher experience, with games such as Trine 2, Darwinia and Machinarium heralding in their new approach, which will see newer titles supported alongside the retro classics.

But best of all, any game purchased on GOG will still be DRM-free, while prices will be standardised for all regions, and of course, their games that usually include a metric crap-ton of extras.

Newer games will be based on titles that are between 1-3 years old on the current market, something that CD Projeckt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski says is based on the delay gap in the digital distribution market.

“There are hundreds of great games released every year from publishers of every imaginable size”, Iwinski said to Gamespot.

When you have a huge catalogue filled with classics, it’s very hard to sell an older game without putting in on steep discount. At GOG.com, they know that even top-selling franchises might not be top-of-mind at the moment, and when they release a game on our service, they take the time to make it special, to give it its day in the sun, and generally showcase the value of the game to our audience.

Iwinski also spoke about how constant promotional sales had a bad habit of decreasing the value of a game.

I believe a huge majority of digital distribution platforms (from Apple’s App store to Valve’s Steam, and many others) have become gigantic black holes that sign hundreds of titles and run tons of promotional sales.

Running so many discounts decreases the perceived value of our entire entertainment media. When you can buy a bundle of fantastic indie games for $1, it’s that much harder to convince someone to shell out $10 to try one indie game.

I’ve always been a fan of GOG, and with the relaunch of the site (again), there’s most likely going to be a few new titles which will catch my eye.

Last Updated: March 27, 2012

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