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GOG’s summer sale is here

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Unlike my nipples which are cold and hard enough to fight a sword duel while reminding the person on the other end of my name, dead father and that they’re about to die, it is warmer in other parts of the world right now. So warm in fact, that the best thing to do is to stay inside and create a swimming pool with the ass sweat that drips onto your leather seat by playing some video games. And GOG is kicking things off with its own annual summer sale. Things are about to get…steamy.

Good Old Game has over 700 games on sale, ready to be peddled out as your backlog grows in size and scale. It’s like trying to build the Alright Wall Of China all by yourself at this point. With the discounts however, come some free games as well. Spend some coin, and you’ll stack up a sales total which will allow you to get the following games, gratis:


  • SimCity 2000 – Yours, if you spend at least $1.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky – Yours, if you spend at least $20.
  • Xenonauts – free, if you spend at least $50.

Meh. As for current deals, GOG will once again have flash sales. At the time of writing this post, those deals included savings on bundles of LucasArts adventure games, old school Dungeons and Dragons RPGs and a selection of Heroes Of Might and Magic. You can also grab 10% off on The Witcher 3 right now, 40% off the remastered edition of Grim Fandango and 80% off of the special edition for Bioware’s Kung-Fu classic, Jade Empire.

In fact, it’s a smorgasbord of great deals on underrated games. Seriously, Jade Empire guys. So good. So damn good.

Last Updated: June 4, 2015

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