Goodbye Core 360, hello…Xbox Arcade?

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We have all heard the previous rumours about the Core model being dropped and it may been half right.

The Core model is (rumoured) being replaced by the Arcade model which comes with a memory card and 5 free games.  For some reason telling someone to buy the Arcade option seems like a better idea than the Core option.

It is obviously being aimed at offline gamers and since it no longer looks like the pro’s poorer cousin it may actually sell.

It also comes with a wireless controller which is a very good idea…

These are all rumours and you can see that the image has been badly edited so it could all be a lie. A very good idea though none the less.

Gamernode: Xbox 360 Video Game News – Goodbye Core 360, hello…Xbox Arcade?

Last Updated: August 20, 2007

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