Google takes aim at online piracy

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It’s really more like they’re taking a company stance against piracy than instigating an elaborate anti-piracy system. Responding from pressure from the media industry, Google will begin blocking words in their auto-complete system that are usually associated with piracy of music and videogames. Words, according to CVG, like “R4” and “torrent”, both of which have ramifications for the online piracy of games, are likely to get the axe.

Google’s new approach has two aspects to it. The above-mentioned removal of auto-complete support many may argue is a little wishy-washy; pirating bastards will still be able to use Google to search using those words, but they’ll just have to type them out themselves. The horror!

Google’s second move, however, is a little more determined as it involves how their advertising works.

Within the next few months Google aims to remove all advertising from websites that host illegal content. This, obviously, will cut out a source of income for owners of such websites – until they begin displaying adverts from somebody else that is.

These steps are probably the first of more to come from Google. The most widely used search engine is constantly badgered by the music industry to instigate stricter controls in its search returns. While many in the gaming and media industry will applaud Google’s actions, others are saying it’s not enough and are calling for Google to filter out all illegal websites so that they don’t appear in search results at all.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: December 6, 2010

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