Gordon Freeman is waiting for Half Life 3 announcement in new fan video

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Gordon Newell

If there’s one thing that gets PC gamers excited, it’s any news about Half Life 3. Anything and everything can be taken as a sign that the game is confirmed. This new video is brilliantly done and totally confirms that the game is coming, but Gordon Freeman might need some training before launch day.

Here is the really cool video of Gordon Freeman as a bored, overweight loner in a room, desperate for Half Life 3 to be announced.

In fact, all he needs is a white beard and he might almost be bordering on looking like Gabe Newell. Maybe that’s the point – we’ll only get an updated game when Gordon Freeman can look like Gabe Newell and all the Valve worshippers can lose track of reality. Sounds like a plan to me.

No, there is still news about Half Life 3, and probably won’t be until someone at Valve decides to take it on as a pet project. At least we can watch this and giggle, and then cry ourselves to sleep as we wait for any actual announcement from Valve.

I like videos like this. I’d love to see more of my favorite characters in their down time as they wait for their next games. Next up, please show me Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. I want to know what she’s up to. And that’s another forgotten franchise, so it makes sense. Right?

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Last Updated: February 9, 2015

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