Gotham City Imposters goes free-to-play on Steam

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Grab your capes and face paint! Gotham City Imposters has gone free-to-play on Steam. Now you can criminalise all the things as Bats and Jokerz.

Warner Bros. has generously made this awesome game f2p without any catch. If you download it on the Steam client, you’ll get all the DLC content as well, which includes new maps, weapons and mascots. I can already see Darryn and Garth as the Bat and Joker terrorizing the innernets in their disguises.

Gotham City Imposters is an online multiplayer game which allows up to 12 players to battle for control of unhinged GothamCityoverrun by imposters. Every one’s a bat or Joker and out to do you in, see.

This game has a lot of the gameplay qualities of Team Fortress 2 and looks like a ton of fun. It’s got a whole array of unlocks, eight maps to choose from and a bunch of different modes, including Team Death Match. There’s also a single player mode for those who prefer playing all alone at night, in the dark.

Last Updated: September 3, 2012

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