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This should be a scenario familiar to any gamer who grew up with an older console. You’re adventuring, vanquishing foes left and right, but you’re taking a bit of a knock to your health bar at the same time.

Good thing that you threw a nameless henchman into a conveniently placed barrel in the middle of the level, as his broken carcass has just revealed a scrumptious 3 course meal of starters,roast chicken and salad, a combination of white meat that is guaranteed to heal anybody of anything, scientific fact.

Cuisine has to be one of the most under-appreciated aspects of gaming, and it’s been around since for ages. While the onscreen delights have always looked tempting, they’ve been just that, a digital treat.

Until now that is.

Ever wondered what some Fallout: New Vegas omelettes would taste like? How about some Bastion Leechade or some Streets of Rage – Roast Poultry? Well wonder no longer, as one website has gathered together numerous recipes that bring these culinary delights from the TV screen to the kitchen.

Gaming Gourmets is the name of the site, and it updates every Wednesday. So far, there’s a wealth of recipes available, and it takes requests to boot! So, what are you waiting for, get cracking and make some digital delights!

I know that I’m in desperate need of a Diablo style health potion after another weekend gone wrong…

Last Updated: February 13, 2012

Darryn Bonthuys

Word-slinger at Critical Hit. Inventor of the macho Swiss gym chocolate known as Testoblerone. That's...that's about it really.

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