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GOW World Domination Update

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So in an effort to get as much South African gaming news on this site I contacted koldFUSiON from www.txl.co.za and asked for an update on the Gears of War World Domination tournament….

The competition is broken into two phases. The Shuffle phase and the true team based phase. There has been some misplaced negativity from NAG recently about the shuffle phase and here is the explanation of why this phase is happening at all….

Due to the rapidly expanding xbox-live arena, we are seeing many gamers
play with just people they know, fortunately for some they are
introduced through friends already playing on live.
We created the shuffle to allow nOObs (if you’ll excuse the expression)
to join in and play with some of the bigger names in the Live Arena,
thus exposing them to more local games with better/worse players, this
also get’s other players to “notice” their skills. what we hoped this
would do is create awareness from the veteran players and get them to
include the newer players and hopefully mix up the playing field somewhat.

Well that sounds good to me, the gaming community has always been a welcoming one and what better way to kick start the numerous tournaments we are going to have than getting everyone involved right from the start fairly…

The shuffle phase is split into 3 Tiers, which sounds more confusing than it really is :). In the first game if you don’t show up to play you stay in Tier 1 and everyone who arrived moves to Tier 2. You never play across Tiers so by the end of this round you can be quite sure that everyone in Tier 3 is reliable and will arrive on time…

It’s a nice and easy way to find reliable partners for the next phase which is a pure team based game. You grab 4 mates and make a clan. Then you practice your teamwork before going into the round and giving it your best.

koldFUSiON has admitted that there are flaws in the system but it was the best solution that he could come up with at the time. I personally feel that NAG was out of line attacking it the way they did in the magazine but that does seem to be the standard procedure in SA when there is a new kid on the block, attack him and defend yourself.

There is more than enough room in SA for many many more gaming sites, organisations and magazines.

I wish koldFUSiON all the best with his future tournaments and am following them eagerly to see what the outcome will be…. Who is going to be the Gears of War National Champs in the end?

Head on over to www.txl.co.za if you would like to enter a team for the next round of the comp…..

Last Updated: March 15, 2007

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