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Gran Turismo 5 Install Will Take Nearly An Hour And Eat Your HDD Space For Breakfast

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Recently, reports and information have come in from a trusted Gran Turismo community member who has gotten his hands on an early copy of Gran Turismo 5.

Although he sheds some light on quite a few details (anyone who wants to know more can check the details out through the link at the bottom of the post) , the one that caught everyones eye was the fact that he warns that the installation could take up to around 50 mins to install.

50 mins? They make us wait all this time, delay the game over and over again and then if you want to install it you have to wait even longer? I almost considered making the news title “GT5 delayed again – by 50 mins”.

The installation takes up quite a lot of space, more after the jump.

The reports are also saying that in order to install Gran Turismo 5, you will need around 10GBs of space. The installation is actually more in the region of 6.4GB but the data apparently unpacks as you progress more in the game wherever it needs to, up to around 10GB.

The great news is that the installation is completely optional. Judging from the videos I’ve seen so far, the load times looked a little long for my liking, even as long as Forza 3’s and those nearly killed me – so I think I am going to go for the installation for sure.

I cannot lie, once I have my hands on the game there is no way in hell that I am going to wait for 50 mins more to play the game, so Ill probably just slap the disc into the tray and then play until my eyes bleed and explode out of my face. Just before the ambulance arrives to take me to hospital, I will start the installation so that when I am finally allowed to go back home, it will be ready for me.

I really can’t see why anyone would make a fuss about this. Sure, I will kick up a fuss if a game has a large mandatory installation, but if its optional then I am happy because it means I can play it straight away, and then install it later when I am busy doing something else.

Oh and by the way… it’s Gran Friggin’ Turismo 5, finally! I would probably still play it if it automatically deleted the rest of the data off of my hard drive because it would probably take me a few months to realise it anyways.

Source: Sixaxis

Last Updated: November 22, 2010

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