Gran Turismo 5 Weather And Day/Night Options Limited To Only A Few Tracks

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I was rather disappointed this week to find out that the great looking weather and day/night features from the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 will not be universally available throughout the game.

The official track list has been released and along with it comes info about the different tracks as well as whether or not they support the time and weather features. It makes you wonder if things have really been taken too far, and if we should have already had GT5 a while back, and be looking forward to GT6 with all of the features available on all of the tracks.

I was also really disappointed when I saw just how few tracks actually support the features.

Here is a list of the tracks in Gran Turismo 5, please note that these are the main track names and do not include all the variants and versions of each track. I have however put the number of variants in brackets.

So, out of all of these tracks and variations, how many do you think have weather and time?

World Circuits

Fuji Speedway (2)

Suzuka Circuit (2)

Daytona International Speedway (2)

Tsukuba circuit (1)

Circuit de la Sarthe (4)

Nurburgring (5)

Indianapolis Speedway (2)

Autodromo Nazionale Monza (2)

The Top Gear Test Track (1)

Laguna Seca Raceway (1)

Gran Turismo Originals

High Speed Ring (2)

Cape Ring (5)

Autumn Ring (4)

Deep Forest Raceway (2)

Grand Valley Speedway (4)

Eigar Nordwand Track (2)


London (2)

Rome (2)

Circuit de Mardrid (4)

Tokyo R246 (2)

Cote d’Azur (1)

Special Stage Route 5 (4)

Special Stage Route 7 (1)

Dirt and Snow

Eiger Norwand (6)

Toscana (2)

Chamonix (4)

Now, if I add those variations up (and I do so quickly so I hope I was correct), I get 69 total variations.

Out of those 69, only 14 total variations feature weather or time, and in most cases, not both.

They are the following:

Suzuka Circuit – Weather

Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 – Time / Weather

Nurburgring Nordschleife – Time

Nurburgring 24 hr – Time / Weather

Autodromo Nazionale Monza – Weather

High Speed Ring – Weather

Eiger Nordwand Short Track – Weather

Special Stage Route 7 – Weather

Toscana – Time

Toscana Reverse – Time

Chamonix Main – Weather

Chamonix East – Weather

Chamonix West – Weather

Chamonix Mini – Weather

So just to reiterate, these are the only variations noted as having weather or time, not the complete tracks and their variations. In some cases they have listed many tracks as having weather or time, but not the same for the same tracks in reverse, which makes me wonder.

Either way, I am pretty disappointed about this. Sure I am looking forward to the incredible looking weather effects and even the time of day feature, but it feels like in order to finally get this game out the door, they had to stop in the middle of even more additions to the game.

Full Track List Here

Last Updated: November 15, 2010

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