Gran Turismo 6 trophy list leaked: Moon driving!

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GT6 moon

The leaked trophy list for Gran Turismo 6 confirms what we saw in the recent trailer, you will indeed be driving on the moon!

The list details mostly conventional trophies for a racing game. Go this fast, complete these challenges and so on. There are some interesting additions to the usual though. Performing a jump with an air time of a second or more is interesting because very rarely do GT games incentivise performing stunts.


The Hidden Gem achievement asks you to bump into a specific set of blue tyres on a course. Polyphony digital are no strangers to the odd easter egg or two, but this one is genuinely intriguing.


And finally, the moon roving confirming trophy. I can’t wait to do some low gravity moon driving! Hopefully there are other events and challenges involving low gravity.


All in all, it’s a pretty standard trophy list, save these three, but it’s enough to get me hyped for GT6’s release on PS3 December 6th.

Last Updated: December 2, 2013


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