Gran Turismo Prologue now available to pre-order

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I just received the latest Kalahari gaming newsletter and was pleasantly suprised to see Gran Turismo Prologue available to pre-order.

Coming in at only R345 is also a bonus… According to the description on Kalahari prologue is going to be including

Featuring up to 50 meticulously detailed cars – including vehicles by Ferrari, Lotus and Nissan – for users to race on five beautifully rendered reversible tracks from around the globe, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue runs in stunning Full High Definition at 1080p. Additionally, in conjunction with a robust offline experience, for the first time in the history of the franchise Gran Turismo 5: Prologue will support up to 16 players racing head-to-head online, complete with global leaderboards, to quell any question of who is the best driver in the World of GT

So if Burnout wasn’t real enough for you head on over to Kalahari and place your orders. Gran Turismo should be hitting the shelves sometime in March

Last Updated: February 22, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Milesh Bhana ZA

    R345, that’s not a bad price… for a demo.

    (sorry it’s supposed to be flamebait friday…)

  • ManesanZA

    So is it going to be a proper sim this time or still arcady like the previos iterations?

  • Darthdad

    Finally, a proper racing game on a console!

  • Fox1

    FORZA 2 is a sim. GT5 has a lot to do to fill those shoes or even beat it. The SIXAXIS controller doesn’t go far either to suit the Racing genre.

    R345 for a demo!!!!!!!!! I like the way Sony priced it, lol. Would it be a PSN download or a come with PSW magazine??? Paying for a demo is just wrong leave alone paying R345. Then another R599 or R699 when the game is released plus R699 for a good force-feedback wheel. Just something to ponder.

    Race Driver: Grid also provides stiff competition with PGR4 graphics or better plus a variety of cars including Touring Cars, drift events and street races night racing over 3 continents. It’s available on 360, PS3 and PC.

    Check for in-game screenshots.

  • Abe

    I think Sony are extremely clever charging for this title, GT is possibly the most sought after racing title ever. They know people cant wait for it to arrive, so they make extra money off a “demo”. Will I be buying it? No! But I still think its a good strategy!
    GT5 is going to redefine the racing game, those graphics are insane, IMHO it beats any other game ever created by 10!

  • Fox1

    If it’s arcady then FORZA 2 will always be the racing game to beat. Does GT5 run at 60fps ie. 360 calculations per second. Does it have customizations that are realistic within the manufactures? If you don’t believe that then just press up on the D-Pad while racing in FORZA 2 and watch the tyre telemetry.

    Sony better make it good because GT5 has been in development for a long time.

  • doobiwan

    Forza 2 is car nerd p0rn, Gran tourismo has always been the “Everyman’s Sim” or “realistic arcade”. Graphically, GT looks superb and will probably knock the socks of Forza, but in fairness to Forza it is over 18 months older.

    GT’s budget is also practically unlimited (I think I’ve heard figures in excess of £20million, that’s why you have to pay for the demo 😉 ) By comparison turn 10 is just a small division within Microsoft being left to do their thing, PGR was always the “big one”.

    Personally I think GT5 has got more to worry about from GRiD than Forza because, like DiRT, it just distils the sim experience down to the rush with none of he fiddly bits, and it’s multiplatform. And absolutely gorgeous . . .

  • scotty777

    well… I think I will buy the demo! I find that GT has always been the benchmark for sim racing games… thats a fact. I read that it look 6 months to model each car… so thats a fair bit of stuff they pumped into the game 😀

  • Fox1

    GRID looks gorgeous and it’s a Codemasters game 😀

  • Darthdad

    Ah! what the heck. I’ll say it again.
    Finally, a proper racing game on a console!

  • abe

    Yea Scotty they spent more time modeling some of the cars in gt5 than they spent on the entire first game!

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