Gran Turismo PSP – I Feel Somewhat Betrayed

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Just yesterday I was saying that the sole reason that I bought the PSP was for Gran Turismo Mobile that was supposed to be a launch title.

Fast forward a few years and the game is finally almost out. It’s fine though, right? Polyphony Digital always make fans wait forever but it has always been worth the wait, every time.

Much to my dismay, the first reviews for Gran Turismo PSP have hit Metacritic and they aren’t looking the way that I expected.

The average score at the moment, which is still fairly early, is sitting on 79/100 which if I am not mistaken, is an all-time low for a Gran Turismo title.

Now you should never trust a review fully, as people all have different tastes but it’s a little difficult to ignore sites like Metacritic when they tell you that most people are finding the game average at best.

I feel betrayed because Polyphony promised not just a mobile game but a full Gran Turismo experience on a handheld. The main reason I am upset is because according to the reviews, the game pretty much lacks a career mode. It has the licenses mode and then what is pretty much just a quick race mode. No progression, no upgrading and fine tuning, unlocking vehicles and all the rest.

So where the heck it the “full experience”?

Gran Turismo isn’t just a game about realistic racing physics, this is a game that was itself, driven by it’s career mode. It’s like the Diablo or WoW of racing games. You don’t only play it for the action, you play it to progress, to unlock, to make cash, to buy things. These things are the bread and butter of what the series has always been and to be presented with a game without those things just kills me.

Even as a game designed for use on-the-go it makes no sense to me that anyone would just like to take it out, race a race and put it back. I would want to do that sure but only if that race was getting me somewhere, pushing me forwards.

One would think that it’s fine to have a game not be what you expected, it happens all the time but this is Gran Turismo and Polyphony Digital for Peet’s sake, one of the few companies that I thought could never ever disappoint me.

I want to like this game, I really do and maybe I will still pick it up but just knowing that there will be no proper career mode has made me realise that after a few short bouts of fun and the license challenges, I won’t have much incentive to put it into my PSP again.

So a few years back I bought a handheld mainly for a game that I might not even want to buy anymore.

Shame on you Polyphony, you promised.

Last Updated: September 16, 2009

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