GRID stalls on Xbox 360

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It seems that GRID on Xbox 360 is having issues keeping their engines running.

GRID was released this last Friday in Europe and already reports and complaints are coming in from gamers that the Xbox 360 version is having issues. It was reported on that members of their forums were complaining about freezing problems.

When I went to the forums to check out what kind of issues they were having, I realised that the game isn’t completely freezing, but rather having an issue where it will pause for a moment and then continue. One of the forum members, who goes by the name of Dredd, posted the following:

“I asked him last night if it was good, he said it was excellent, but he also said exactly what you’re saying, in that the game, just for a split second, will freeze up on you, and it’s enough to wreck a race, and at the very least, you have to use one of your flashbacks to repair the damage it did to your race at that moment.”

GRID’s executive producer, Gavin Raeburn told the Codemasters forum that the issue seems to be with certain versions of the Xbox 360 Hard Drives. He also says that it will be sorted and patched as soon as they can get it through Microsoft certification.

It seems that a lot of people won’t be experiencing the problems as many have reported that they have had no issues, so it all comes down to whether or not you have the problematic type of hard drive. If you are really worried about spending the money only to have a problem on your hands, I would recommend waiting until the patch is out before buying the game.


Last Updated: June 2, 2008

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