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GT5 is being released, again

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Gran Turismo 5 was in development for such an incredibly long time that I often announced that there was no way it would be profitable as it’s inconceivable that the game could claw back all those costs.. well it looks like I was wrong and while I still don’t understand it it seems that they had a weird and solid plan all along.

GT5 released to great reviews back in November 2010 and went on to sell bucket loads of copies which was to be expected as we all knew it would be a well received PS3 exclusive.

However it’s real mileage has come about from it initially charging for what was nothing more than a demo with Prologue and then with its downloadable packs that gamers have been lapping up but they’ve just placed the notch that little bit higher now with the announcement that they will be sending a pack to retail stores once again.

This new version is called the Academy Edition and will be the entire game along with all the current DLC, what’s more they aren’t going to be trying to sell it for full price but rather it is reported this full pack is going to cost a mere R250.

So what they’ve done is moneytise the seriously hardcore group with its paid for demo, then grabbed the racing fans with the normal retail edition and DLC and are now going to secure the average gamer with a cut price version of the same game.

Now that’s smart business

Last Updated: July 26, 2012

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