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GTA 2 in real life

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While Grand Theft Auto has become this great big sandbox, I’ve still got a soft spot for the 2d, top-down classics. There’s something magical about causing mayhem from that top-down perspective. It’s what makes this incredible real-life recreation of it all so damned good.

Those darned Russians have taken drone-mounted cameras, and done exactly what god intended – made Grand Theft Auto 2. I’m not sure whether the drones were piloted, or used via feedback signals to a tethered mobile phone and its GPS, but the end result is the same: pure awesome.

The added in, after-the-fact special effects and GUI are just the cherry on the cake. It all makes me want to play another top-down GTA; mayhaps a sequel to the excellent GTA Chinatown Wars.

Here’s the video (as spotted on Kotaku)

Last Updated: May 4, 2015

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