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GTA IV – The first review is in

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Fresh of the boat

IGN has posted what appears to be the first review of Grand Theft Auto IV and it appears that this game is not going to be letting us down.

Hilary Goldstein’s review spans 6 pages and gives us a great insight into the game that us mere mortals will only be getting tomorrow night. IGN has given it a clean sheet of 10’s but did back it up by saying that the game isn’t perfect.

It got the 10’s because it is a groundbreaking game that has pushed everything we know and love about GTA into a whole new arena… It really sounds fantastic and I highly recommend following the link and reading the review…

But hey I know why you’re here… you want to know which version wins out, did the 360 beat out the PS3 in a cross platform port again or has the power of the PS3 started to make it’s mark…

Well you will be happy to know that both versions are brilliant but the PS3 seems to have won this round. With less loading times, less pop in and better overall graphics it seems quite unanimous….

But I am pretty sure people will find ways to keep this argument going for a while.

What really interested me however was the multi player details, this title may possibly keep COD4, Halo 3 and Gears of the top of the Live scoreboard for a long time to come..

It will easily trump anything currently available on the PSN as well as I honestly feel this is the game that is going to move millions of PS3’s and they are all going to be getting online to give it a bash…. what an awesome time to be a gamer…

IGN: Grand Theft Auto IV Review

Last Updated: April 27, 2008

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