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GTA V gang warfare multiplayer will have links to other Rockstar games

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While Rockstar games are known for their solid and lengthy single-player campaigns in games, the multiplayer content that they pack in with the final product isn’t too bad either. Red Dead Redemption is one such example of online play done right.

Max Payne 3 is going to be out soon, with some intriguing multiplayer designed around taking crews into battle while somehow furthering the plot, as well as the addition of internet magic to make bullet-time between scores of players a reality.

It’s all about being social, according to Rockstar, and they want to extend that feeling by merging the multiplayer of Max Payne 3 with that other massive game that they’re launching, GTA V.

Rockstar Games co-founder and co-writer Dan Houser spoke to IGN about the ideas in place for GTA V online, about mixing the crews from Max Payne 3 with the crews of of that title thanks to the Social Club integration feature.

“Multiplayer is an ever-more important part of all our games moving forward”, Houser said.

And by creating crews through Social Club, the crews that you create in Max Payne 3 will be ready and available for you to play in Grand Theft Auto V from day one. It’s all part of our larger approach to make multiplayer deeper and richer than what’s currently available, much more easily accessible to the newcomer and rewarding for the hardcore.

We made a promise not to talk too much about forthcoming games until a little further down the track but, yes, crews will feature in Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer.

So what does this mean? Most likely that all the loot and kit your customised crew acquires will cross over with you, including the vendettas that you start with other groups. And it sounds like a great way to get players more invested in their characters.

In fact, I’m going to start a crew right now, the Lazygamer Massive. At least it’ll give us a proper excuse to constantly wear jogging outfits and dangerous amounts of gold jewellery.

Last Updated: March 23, 2012

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