GTA V has a gravity gun, and it’s great

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It’s entirely possible that we’ll never see a sequel to Half-Life. Valve seems to be unable to make anything that ends in a 3. For a short while, you can pretend it doesn’t matter, because there’s now a gravity gun in everybody’s favourite scumbag simulator, Grand Theft Auto V.

A new mod – or more specifically, a script – adds a gravity gun to the criminally charged sandbox game, slowing for all manner of silly shenanigans, like shooting pedestrians up in to the sky. It’s a script that utilises Scripthook, so it’s super easy-peasy to get up and running within your own copy of the game on pc. It’s a little bit wonky, and prone to clipping issues, but it’s still insanely fun and silly.

Here it is in action:

As a warning though, while this mod is probably fine to toy around with, reports continue that Rockstar is banning people for modding the game even for single player shenanigans. It’s entirely likely that whatever automated software they’re using is unable to distinguish between mods that make the single player stupid and silly, and those that negatively affect the online experience.

Last Updated: May 5, 2015

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