GTA V is the best game this year according to gamers

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The Golden Joystick Awards – the second oldest in all of videogaming – were held this weekend. what makes them interesting is that they’re essentially “peoples choice” awards, as all the category voting is done by the public – and a record breaking 10 million people voted in this year’s awards.

Because it’s a public vote, the overall winner comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody – yep, multiplatform murder simulator GTA V was game of the year.Runner up? PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Of Us, which didn’t go about empty handed either.

The post-apocalyptic survival horror action….thing was named as best newcomer and winning the award for best storytelling. Developer Naughty Dog was also named studio of the year.

the biggest surprise, I suppose was the “most wanted” winner – which wasn’t Titanfall, or Destiny, or even the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 themselves. Nope, the most wanted future gaming thing is Cd Projekt’s The Witcher 3, a sentiment I agree with wholeheartedly.  Also to nobody’s surprise, the Oculus Rift was the winner of the “innovation” category.

Just two categories came down to a panel vote, the “hall of fame award,” which was picked up by the Call Of Duty franchise as a whole, and the “lifetime achievement award,” which was won by Bioshock boss Ken Levine.

Here are the winners in full:

  • Best Newcomer
    The Last Of Us
  • Most Wanted in association with Playfire
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Best Indie Game
    Mark Of The Ninja
  • Best Visual Design
    BioShock Infinite
  • Best Multiplayer
    Payday 2
  • Best Gaming Moment in association with Absolute Radio
    Far Cry 3 – The Definition of Insanity
  • Studio of the Year in association with MPG Universal
    Naughty Dog
  • Innovation of the Year in association with T3
    Oculus Rift
  • Best Storytelling
    The Last Of Us
  • Best Online Game
    World Of Tanks
  • Best Handheld Game
    Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
  • YouTube Gamer Award in association with YouTube
  • Best Gaming Platform in association with Digital Spy
  • Best Mobile/Tablet Game of the Year
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Game of the Year
    Grand Theft Auto V
  • Hall of Fame
    Activision: Call Of Duty
  • Lifetime Achievement
    Ken Levine

What do you think? Agree, disagree? Is the general gamer, represented here, an idiot? Let us know.

Last Updated: October 28, 2013

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