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GTAIV: Is the Xbox 360 Version Superior?

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Grand Theft Auto better on the 360

I was sent this a few days ago but with a title like that is there any other day I could publish this one on?

A site called the Tech Spy Blog has put together a list of 15 reasons why GTA IV will be better on the Xbox 360.

To be honest a lot of the complaints are about the poor SIXAXIS controller which I have to agree is far worse than the Xbox 360 controller. There are even rumblings of GTA IV using the dodgy motion sensor ability of the controller which has not been used very well in virtually ever other game.

Another major problem is that the PS3 version is still running slightly behind the 360 version which just means that the 360 version has had more polishing done to it.

Another key problem is that the media and the like have only been showing the 360 version of the game. This is a current industry problem in that the PS3 versions of all cross platform games are not getting as much attention as the 360 versions.

Also 360 achievements are a major draw for multiple console owners not to mention that exclusive DLC that is coming and the recent Xbox 360 price cut.

However the biggest problem in my mind is what the developers have had to say. Over the development period developers have the following problems on the PS3 and only the lack of HDD on the 360.

1. Slow read speeds from Blu-Ray
2. Another forced installation
3. PS3 Fill rate problems
4. less aliasing

My personal opinion is that not a single cross platform game has yet beaten the 360 and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Granted GTA is a Sony standard but the 360 is easier to develop on and is apparently the lead platform in this developments as well.

Only time will tell though… I can pretty much assure you that if you only have a PS3 you won’t be disappointed.

Click the link for the full original article.

Tech Spy Blog: GTAIV: Is the Xbox 360 Version Superior? (UPDATE)

Last Updated: April 4, 2008

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