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Guild Wars 2: The Lost Shores highlights

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ArenaNet has finally updated their official website with everything you need to know about the Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event, as well as the launch times!

From 16 – 18 November, Tyria will change forever. If you’re not there, you will miss it and all of the awesome adventure and action along with it. Just watching the teaser already makes my heart stop. Events like these are just one of the things that make some MMO’s stand out above the rest. This is particularly impressive for a subscription free game, asking no fees to continue delivering great content updates and quality to its players. 

Launch dates and times:

  • November 16, 22:00: Defend Lion’s Arch
  • November 17, 22:00: Retake Lion’s Arch, discover new island zone Southsun Cove
  • November 18, 22:00: Defeat the Ancient Karka at Southsun Cove

New features:

New dungeon: Fractals of the Mists

You’ll be pitted against a series of unique “fractal” mini-dungeons that get harder and harder as you progress. Includes rewards such as new weapon sets, a back-slot item and new Ascended loot.

New beta PvP map: Temple of the Silent Storm

The new PvP map, set on a kodan iceberg, has a distinctive look and a more vertical layout than previous maps. Since it is a beta version of the Temple of the Silent Storm map, ArenaNet will need input from players like before it is introduced permanently into the game’s PvP map rotation.

New Lost Shores Items from the Black Lion Trading Company

Unique minis and brand-new weapon skins made just for theLost Shores weekend event are just some of what the Black Lion Trading Company has in store.

New Ascended Gear & Infusions

Ascended items, artifacts of great power that can be improved by a special new type of upgrade called Infusions, which can be found in dungeons.

Players should also not forget the free trial weekend taking place from 15 – 18 November, where you can invite some friends to share this great experience with.

Last Updated: November 13, 2012

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