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Guild Wars 2’s Error 42

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Guild Wars 2 launched this weekend for those of you who pre-purchased the game – but as with most purely online games there have been a few connectivity issues. some players have reported not being able to login to the game after the latest patch, while others are having trouble accessing the online trading post, or switching to other worlds.

Echoing a similar situation that presented itself when a particular server-oriented single-player game had similar issues, Guild Wars 2 has its own error number that ben plaguing some users; Error 42.

“At present, our server team are working on the underlying problems that are causing login issues, thank you for your continued patience,” Arenanet said via Twitter. “We have re-established server connectivity and are aware of some Error 42 issues. If you find this error please try again to reconnect.”

Another error the company’s aware of is  is Error 1032, which they say is related to “high demand for World transfers,” which “might take a several minutes, so try again in a bit.”

It’s taken a fair chunk out of some players’ early access – but let’s just hope all the server issues are sorted by the time the game releases to the general public on Tuesday. MMO’s seldom have a smooth launch though – and I suspect that even if GW2 doesn’t, it won’t quite cause the internet uproar Diablo III did when it launched broken. It’s understandable that you can;t play a multiplayer game because of server issues…but when some machine in the cloud is stopping you from playing your single player games, that’s when people get…a little irate.

Any of you experience login or other issues with GW 2 this weekend? Let us know!

Last Updated: August 27, 2012

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