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Guilty Gear 2020 adds lightning-quick ninja Chipp Zanuff and big Russian bruiser Potemkin to its roster

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Just like any fighting game that prioritises slick action on a two dimensional plane, Guilty Gear is a game defined by two of its opposing leads. In much the same way that Street Fighter would feel cheap without Ryu or Ken, Guilty Gear’s main rivals are Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske. One is a radical brawler with fiery brute force attacks, the other is his counterpart in every other way by being a sleek and technical swordsman who uses precise lightning attacks.

Bollocks to the both of them, because my favourite Guilty Gear character has always been a certain ninja with incredibly quick hit and run tactics: Chipp Zanuff. A regular face throughout Guilty Gear’s long history, Chipp will of course be seen in next year’s incarnation along side his polar opposite, the mighty Russian weapon of mass destruction known as Potemkin. Here’s a fancy trailer showing their power off!

HOT DAMN THAT LOOKS GOOD! Arc System Works have become the defacto name in fighting games over the last couple of years, thanks not only to Guilty Gear but other titles such as BlazBlue and last year’s superb Dragon Ball FighterZ. Guilty Gear is still the game that made them a household name, and next year’s dose of rock ‘n rolling punches is looking damn good.

It’s still primarily a 2D game using 3D fighter models, but seeing those characters shift between planes as they unelash special attacks? Compliments to the chef. Chipp will always be my go-to dude thanks to his teleportation and quick-strike abilities, albeit at the cost of his durability as he is something of a glass cannon.

Potemkin I never really got. I’ve seen him used in high-level play and his sheer strength is beyond ridiculous but he telegraphs his moves like early 20th-century correspondence. He fills the role of big-ass grappler perfectly, but I always preferred using sneaky bastard tactics personally. Guess that says something about me, doesn’t it? Guilty Gear will be out next year, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Get ready to Rock yo.

Last Updated: November 4, 2019

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  1. You really need to get rid of that chip you have on your shoulder that you can’t play well in fighting games. You’re good and that’s Zanuff.


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