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Guinness Book of Records – Gamers Edition – Reviewed

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By Philip Dunkley

Guiness Book of Records - Gamers Edition Every now and then, something passes you by that you seem to only semi consciously notice, and kind of ignore. Not for any specific reason, though. It just happens. This is exactly the scenario with this little gem of a book, one that I have seen at least 10 times on the shelf at Exclusive books, and literally just walked past it, not even picking it up to get a rough idea about it. That was until this weekend, when a Family member of mine bought one home he had received for his birthday.

HOW THE HELL DID I MISS THIS. It is an absolute treasure chest of information on all things gaming, from the humble beginnings of gaming to the present day. It includes all the hardware and software articles that matter and give some in depth information on the franchises of games that have shaped this industry into the multi Billion dollar industry that has changed most of our lives (for the better).

It also includes all the stats of gaming that one could ever imagine, including records, hi-scores and sales figures. It’s an endless compendium of happiness, that’s the only way I can describe it. It’s one of those books that you can keep next to the bed and delve into almost every night, just to get a little more insight into the gaming community and industry.

It’s going to be an annual book too, just like its big brother, The Guinness Book of Records. So every year we can get all the info of what’s happened over the past 12 Months, and make sure we haven’t missed anything.

For anyone who is interested in Gaming, go and buy this now, don’t wait, you will not be disappointed. It costs R189.99 from Exclusive books, and comes in a really nice hardcover flavour.

Last Updated: May 6, 2008

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