Guitar Hero II Patch… of DEATH?

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Guitar Hero II

Red Octane seem to be making a complete hash of their release of Guitar Hero II on the Xbox 360. 

Firstly there was the reported defective whammy bar on certain models of the guitars, which has not been 100% confirmed by them yet. Then we had some reports of the controllers not working at all. Completely non-responsive.

Now Red Octane has released a patch which if you are one of the lucky ones will end up bricking your console. Red Ring of death and all that.

What is Red Octane doing so wrong that they cannot get a stable game out? They need to start fixing and replacing these things very quickly before some American thinks he can sue for loss of entertainment or something.

Link to Guitar Hero II Patch… of DEATH? | MyGEN – Xbox Article

Last Updated: April 16, 2007

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