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Guitar Hero III is really good

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Okay I have an admission to make here. While I have dabbled in the Guitar Hero world once or twice before I have never really made any attempt to actually play the game.

I am a FPS fan through and through, I enjoy the odd racing/hack and slash/adventure game but really my bread and butter is killing people. So when the opportunity came to test out a new Guitar Hero III guitar I sent an expert instead of going myself.

Then the opportunity to review the game cropped up and I was more than happy to let Philip do the review for the game. Well after I read his review I had a slight problem. I now really wanted to give this game a bash.

Megarom, being the kind loving company they are :), were kind enough to lend me the game on Friday to give it a bash. So I got home early on Friday feeling like a steam roller had ridden over me (thanks to the flu), cracked open the box and plugged in this new fangled game to give it a bash.

I played the first song on easy and thought that this game had some possibilities, I then played the next few until I realised it was 4 hours later and my hands needed urgent medical attention. Just one more… I promise.

So I loaded up the next song, now you need to understand that I am not really into my music. I enjoy most types of music but I couldn’t tell you who sang what or what that last song was called. So after loading up the song the intro started and I don’t know who cheered more, me or the TV. The songs in this game are absolutely brilliant and the feeling of being a part of the bands that create them is just an entirely fantastic experience.

Tom Moreno

If you are one of the many people who don’t see the fascination of playing with a silly little plastic guitar, well you are missing out on one of the best games ever to grace a console. I honestly didn’t think this game was for me but after playing it for a bit I can only say that I am disappointed in myself for not getting into the Guitar Hero culture before.

Battling against Tom Moreno just on medium was fantastic, beating him just makes you feel like a better person… sad but true.

Granted this game is more expensive than most and you are looking at around R899 for the game but it is worth it. This weekend alone two people have decided that they are heading off to the shops and picking up a Xbox 360 Arcade and Guitar Hero III as soon as payday rolls around, and they are not the least bit interested in the real games like COD4 or GTAIV.

I truly do feel just like a superstar after playing that game and I really am utterly convinced that you will love this game if you give it a chance.

Thanks again to Megarom for the use of this game and no you can’t have it back 😛

Last Updated: March 17, 2008

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