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Guitar Hero is Dead

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Rumours are coming in this morning that Activision has had enough of flogging Guitar Hero every second week and has decided to change it’s strategy.

Unfortunately the new strategy is pretty much an full annihilation of the series and anything linked to it. According to the rumours the Guitar Hero series is no more and so is DJ Hero.

According to unconfirmed reports Activision has brought down the hammer on Freestyle Games, Vicarious Visions and United Front Games. With massive layoffs being reported at all 3.

It’s a sad end to a great series that was simply abused by Activision’s desire for money, but no one wanted 3 different Guitar Hero’s a year and in the end they could no longer get anyone excited about the next cash in on the Guitar Hero series.

It’s amazing to think that this, along with the fact that Rock Band is also no more, pretty much means the music genre in its entirety is now gone.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: February 10, 2011

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