Guitar Hero IV drum kit gets pictured

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Guitar Drums? WTF Hmm I obviously missed out on a press announcement somewhere.

I was browsing the local PS3 forums yesterday ( and I came across some posting about how the next version of Guitar Hero is going to be coming with a drum kit and microphone and all of that… A bit like Rock Band.

Well I was quick to jump up and call BS on the whole thing because I couldn’t imagine someone actually shipping Guitar Hero IV as a clone of Rockband… it just feels wrong.

Then I see the GHIV drum kit on Engadget…. So it seems that I was completely off the mark.

Morally I disagree with this move, Guitar Hero is a fantastic game and this just feels like a cheap copy.. however I am sure people are going to disagree…

Guitar Hero IV drum kit gets pictured, “cymbals” and all – Engadget

Last Updated: May 15, 2008

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