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Guitar Hero Live’s GHTV mode is a 24/7 music channel

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It’s been quite a few years since we last saw Guitar Hero. And in those years, gaming has changed. Tremendously so, as the current setup is focused keenly on online environments and spaces. So how does Guitar Hero Live fit into that online universe? With its own TV channel, that’s how.

Called Guitar Hero TV, the idea is essentially Netflix wrapped up in music videos. There’s a 24 hour stream of assorted music channels that developer Freestyle will be constantly shuffling around with, introducing various playlists and themes in order to create their own online community.

Or in other words, you’re taking the DLC tracks in the game for a quick test performance, before you commit to purchasing them. Tracks that you actually are after, can be bought with actual cash or in-game currency that you earn through regular play and GHTV Premium.

That mode allows players to set their own high score on a track, while accomplishing one of several reward tier goals. Hit several goals, and you’ll earn a few prizes, as well unlock a few upgrades for the guitaRPG side of the game.

You can also unlock custom bridges for your axe, with my favourite being “Pandas love rainbows”, a psychedelic mixture of bright colours and the most useless creature in the entire animal kingdom.

You can earn credits offline as well in the core game, as the Freestyle team emphasised to me that the game and its challenges can be completed without having to pay any extra bucks at all.

“There’s really two different ways to play the game,2 Project Director Jonathan Napier told me at E3.

We have GH Live which is our music festival experience. What we wanted to do is put you in the shoes of a real rock star guitarist up on stage in a real modern music festival.


And then GHTV is our playable 24/7 music network, which is a place where you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs with our new six-button controller configurations.


What we’ve done, is we’ve curated the music that’s in those shows into genre-specific shows. So maybe we’ll have an all-rock half hour, a metal hour and I can play through that.


If I don’t particularly like that genre of music, then I can bring up the channel guide and I can jump to a different channel and there’ll be a different genre of music that’s playing on that channel.

There’s a lot more info in the video above, including a proper demonstration of the new Guitar Hero Live axe by somebody who doesn’t have the musical dexterity of a saw mill operator who suffered a horrific accident to his appendages.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017


  1. Sounds really awesome though. Would be even better if you able to add a drummer set in part with your Guitar buddy.


  2. oVg "I hate Portals" - Geralt

    June 25, 2015 at 14:22

    Offline gamer here, for a reason 😛


    • Admiral Chief's Adventure

      June 25, 2015 at 14:37

      Dat face!


    • RinceThis

      June 25, 2015 at 14:38

      Wot, Me?


      • Lord Chaos

        June 25, 2015 at 14:44

        Your unique flying skills more like it.


        • RinceThis

          June 25, 2015 at 14:45



          • Lord Chaos

            June 25, 2015 at 14:48

            It’s fine, you can ignore the tired man.

  3. RinceThis

    June 25, 2015 at 14:39

    Thought the most useless creature in the kingdom was Martha?


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