Guitar Hero : The Addiction Tales

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By Philip Dunkley

Guitar Hero III is overly addictive

I thought I would follow up on the review I did of Guitar Hero III a while back, and see if everything is still going as well as it was at the time of the original review. Things have changed, a lot, and I think that I might need to see a very good psychologist or something, as I might be horribly addicted here.

At the time I reviewed this game, I was the only one in my group with it, and definitely the only one in my family who had it. I now have an editor who has it, 2 family members and about 4 friends. My how things have changed. My wife plays it, my mother-in-law and father-in-law now play it, my wife’s aunt and uncle play it and my friends ALL play it.

Parties at my house used to involve copious amount of drinking and braaiing, with loads of chatting and socialising. Now it’s all about the GH3 or 2 or Rock the 80’s etc. We just can’t stop playing, and we are all getting quite good at it to. I think a warning label needs to be slapped onto the box from the developers here, something like: “WARNING, THIS GAME COULD SERIOUSLY F*** UP YOUR LIFE”.

Just to give you an idea, my controller has decided to slowly start giving me hassles, like dropping long notes and not registering the key pushes, and yesterday, it kind of got so bad that it’s almost unplayable. I felt like something had been ripped away from me, and I know this is ridiculous, but I just can’t help it.

And now, just to ruin it all and make it worse, I stepped into EA’s offices yesterday, to pick up a new mobile phone for game reviewing, and what do they tell me??? They have just received their copy of Rock Band, but I’m not allowed to play just yet. What do you mean I can’t play it yet!! PLEASE LET ME PLAY !!!

Oh well, if you guys all find me holed up in my house, dead one day from dehydration and starvation, guitar controller strapped around the neck, drum sticks in hand, open a lawsuit for me and send the rest of my friends and family to Rehab or something…………

Just thought I’d get this rambling off my chest, oh and BTW, for those of you who know Seether, they are doing a huge Rock Band tour in the states, so I’ll chat to Dale and see if maybe there is a chance of an interview!!

Please Note: This story is written in jest, and I’m not going to hole myself up in my house and die, not until Rock Band launches anyway!

PS: Please can we get some DLC for the PS3 version of Guitar Hero III in this country.

Last Updated: April 9, 2008

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