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Guitar Hero : Warriors of Rock Discs Faulty, is the 360 S to Blame?

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There’s apparently an issue with Guitar Hero : Warriors of Rock disc randomly becoming unreadable, making the game sporadically unplayable. According to Destructoid, the issue affects the Xbox 360 version of the game, and only on the new Xbox 360 S.

Thankfully, Activision have come to the rescue for those who’ve strangely not yet had their fill of plastic instrument controlled rhythm games, as they’ll be replacing the discs, for free!

“Activision recently learned that some consumers may be experiencing a disc reading issue with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock,” states the publisher. “We are taking immediate action to research this issue including testing discs.  In the event that consumers do experience a problem, they should contact Activision’s Customer Service Center directly at 800-225-6588.  Naturally, Activision will honor its warranty and offer existing customers free replacement discs in exchange for any purchased defective disc.  Activision is fully committed to satisfying every Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock fan so they can enjoy a great gaming experience.”

Kudos to Activision for stepping up to the plate, but is there a bigger problem here? Why does it only affect the newly released redesign of the Xbox 360, and not original models? could it point to there being a sub-standard drive equipped in the shiny new Xboxes? time, I suppose, will tell.

Guitar Hero : Warriors of Rock will release locally as a standalone game on October 22 and returns to the series to its roots, eschewing the pop rubbish, opting for a much more metal-influenced track-list; something that’ll no doubt make fans grin as they rock out on their faux instruments.

Hopefully the disc-read issues will have been sorted by then, or the local distributor’s going to have a mob of angry, pitchfork-wielding Xbox 360 S owners at their door.

Source : Destructoid

Last Updated: October 5, 2010

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