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Guitar Hero: World Tour – First Trailer

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I really, really hate it when game companies make these really lame adverts in attempt to look cool instead of giving us something worthwhile, like actual gameplay footage.

This video is from Gametrailers.com where they featured the World Premier Trailer for the new Rockband, oh, I mean err, Guitar Hero game.

I guess they decided to stick with the name “Guitar Hero” as “Rock Hero” sounds too similar to Rockband and, oh well, they are ripping the whole concept off anyway, so why even bother. In the video they make a point to emphasise the games features such as “Most realistic drums” and “Biggest Artists”. I do think that this game has a lot of potential, but I think it’s just not cool that they have so brazenly ripped off the concept of Rockband, only seeking to have better features.

Where is the innovation people? One thing that does look interesting though, is the apparent ability to “Record and release your own singles”. I’m interested to see how they are going to approach something like that.

Last Updated: May 22, 2008

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