Guitar Hero World Tour Prices and Street Date

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Guitar hero World tour So I reported yesterday about Rockband finally getting a release date in Australia and that we may be next, well if we are they better be quick as the Guitar Hero World Tour local date has been released as well as the pricing.

I received an email from a new local retailer, BGROnline, this morning and as you can see on their site the game is set to be released on the 7th of November and the instrument pack is going to set you back R1999 and the game itself is going to be R529.

So you are looking at R2500 for the whole set and then around R200 for each extra Microphone…

It’s cheaper if you are going the Wii or PS2 route though which may be a good idea since we don’t care about the graphics…

While browsing the site I also noticed they are offering a free shipping special on Star Wars: Force Unleashed which is worth taking a look at.

Last Updated: August 18, 2008

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